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Finally, we can say that summer has finally arrived. With the sun coming out, the skies clearing of cloud and everyone around us revealing their pasty white legs, we can officially say, welcome summer. Along with summer comes the use of awnings, which can be hugely beneficial to businesses across the UK. Even though awnings are used all year round, they’re extremely good for the summer, providing people the opportunity to relish the warm weather, yet be safe in the shade. If you require a bespoke awning for your business, you can rely on our services here at Blinds & Awnings.

Awnings are mostly utilised by commercial companies to offer shading to their customers - especially for outside seating areas for cafes and restaurants. In addition to our awnings being a shading solution, they're also great for reducing the temperature in your internal rooms, allowing your home to be much cooler, rather than being hot and stuffy. Many businesses need to keep their internal facilities cool in the summer, and air conditioning isn't an affordable solution for all businesses. So not only are awnings effective, but they can reduce costs on energy bills.
Awnings are also useful for our domestic clients, in keeping their outdoor areas cool in the summer and sheltered for the winter; and again, useful for lowering the temperature in an internal room, whether it’s your kitchen, dining room or spare room.

We offer a great selection of quality awnings in Camberley, from the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Markilux and Luxaflex.

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