Technical Arlequin

All the beams that make up our bioclimatic pergolas are 6060 first fusion aluminium

We have different profiles that allow our columns to achieve different support capacities according to the dimensions.

The longest length of a profile is 6100mm with a maximum of 4500mm in the other direction.

The posts can be made at heights to meet your requirements to a maximum of 3000mm and therefore allowing a totally flexible design.

Product quality

Each pergola is custom prepared and has the original France Guarantee certificate.


A testing of quality for the powder coating process. This gives the following benefits

High UV resistance

Better Colour retention

Good resistance to chemical products.


This is a pre lacquering aluminium surface preparation for seaside installations. Qualimarine is also highly recommended for heavily polluted industrial areas.


Aluminium structure 10 years

Mechanical parts 3 years

Labour shall be charged for the replacement of components should they be required to be replaced


Use a sponge with soapy water or a non-corrosive cleaning product to clean the system.

Clean the inside of the frames and ensure the gutter tracks are free from leaves and dirt.

Regularly check the condition of the seals and rollers.

We shall be pleased to offer a maintenance agreement if you require.

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