Arlequin Pergolas Berkshire

The outdoor shading solutions experts that are SOLISYSTEME have granted Blinds And Awnings in Berkshire permission to retail their latest pergolas development, the Arlequin. This most recent addition to the SOLISYSTEME range is a natural development on the original design of the Bioclimatic Pergola. Blinds and Awnings have been identified as a reputable company in the Berkshire area offering excellent standards of installations and customer service which has resulted in their being appointed as official retailers of the SOLISYSTEME products.

As with the original design, both pergolas offer complete protection from sun or rain like a standard terrace roof. Where the two differ is that the Arlequin has movable sliding panels so that you can tailor where you need the shade as opposed to the original Bioclimatic design where the blades are adjustable on a fixed axis. It truly is a bespoke option that caters to the individual’s needs on a moment by moment basis.

One of the most striking qualities about Arlequin Pergolas are, as the name suggests, the bright colours of the sliding panels. Every individual sliding panel is fully customised to each customer’s preferences, and the created pattern effect is reminiscent of the traditional pantomime character, Harlequin. These splashes of colour will brighten up any outdoor space and make excellent shading solutions for family environments such as schools and recreational areas, as well as a statement addition to your home terrace and garden.

To discuss the various outdoor shading solutions here at Blinds and Awnings, don’t hesitate to give us a call or come down and visit our showroom in Sandhurst, Berkshire. 

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