Arlequin Pergolas In Farnborough

Do you want to find external shading but aren’t quite sure how you can achieve this in your garden, business or school? By using our expertise here at Blinds & Awnings, you can be blessed with a variety of services, offering you various options in terms of shading. The product seeing a lot of interest is our Arlequin pergolas – pioneered by the experts at Solisysteme. If you want to find out more about Arlequin pergolas in Farnborough.

The original pergola shading product was in fact the Bioclimatic pergolas, which was designed around fifteen years ago. But times have changed, and the use of pergolas has adapted. The Arlequin pergola is now something which lets you manipulate the sun by having movable modules to create shading in specific points of an external area or even in a certain room of a building. The Arlequin has simple sliding panels above you, and they stop the sun glaring in. You can either have a few PANELS spread across, or you can completely cover yourself from the sun for full shade.

If you work in a school, then we highly recommend the Arlequin pergola as your shading option. Not only does it offer you shade, but it can breathe new life into the lesson or classroom; with nice bright colours and various modular options available.

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