Pollergen Blinds Launched at Blinds & Awnings

Are you a pollen sufferer who is frustrated during the spring and summer months? There is now a new product on the market which will help you when you’re either at home or in the office.

In the UK, around 16 million people are hay fever sufferers, and 87% of pollen victims stated that the allergy affected their sleep or their child’s sleep. If you’re one of those 87% of people, then do not allow it to affect your sleep, our new range of Pollergen blinds are the perfect solution for you and any other hay fever sufferers.

In the UK hay fever is extremely common. It’s caused by the allergen of grass pollen, and is produced in huge volumes; easily becoming airborne and spreading across the country.

Here at Blinds and Awnings in Sandhurst, we have a wide range of fabrics from many different types of blinds, but launched early this year, we have the introduction of a new Louvolite’s new fabric blind collection for made to measure windows. This new range will help hay fever sufferers choose window blinds to furnish their windows and decrease the effect of pollen.

How does it work?
The amount of pollen in the air can vary depending on the time of year and amount of pollen discharge. Pollen will spread quickly and stick to things, and that’s how it comes into contact with you. A pollen treated fabric contains additives that will increase the capture rate of pollen, preventing it from spreading into your property.

If you wish to find out more about this new range, please give us a call on 01252 875577. 

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